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November 3-5, 2023

Join us at our Youth Rally for a transformative experience! Sometimes, our connection with God may feel stagnant and uninspiring. It's time to break away and rediscover what truly matters. Just like we seek fresh, pure air by escaping to the ocean or mountains, we need to retreat with God to recharge our spiritual lives. Just as we can't live without oxygen, we can't thrive without God's presence. This rally is your chance to retreat, connect, and discover the constant presence of God in your life.


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By signing up for the retreat, you agree to adhere to the retreat guidelines and to respect the privacy and comfort of all participants. This is a photographed event and I understand that pictures may be used on social media & other promotional materials.

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  • Broken Arrow Ranch
  • 1950 Sagebrush Rd, Olsburg, KS, 66520 US

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